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Jonas Mallisse

(2014) started his career at a face-to-face marketing and sales agency for NGOs & impact organisations, where he soon became Head of Operations and helped scale the organisation from 2 to 5 offices in Belgium,

(2017) entered his entrepreneurial adventure in India by co-founding Fair and Square, a women empowerment not-for-profit that personalised sustainable tote bags,

(2018) launched and grew Too Good To Go - the app that fights food waste - in Belgium, saving 5 million meals from going to waste in just 3,5 years.

(2020) moved to New York City - in the midst of a pandemic - to launch Too Good To Go in the U.S.A.,

(2021) took on the VP Global Expansion role at Too Good To Go and helped the organisation grow at lightning speed from 40 to 1200+ employees making a difference in 17 different countries,

(2023) left Too Good To Go to return to earlier-stage (ad)ventures and co-founded Eat More Trees - to create a campaign and documentary on the power of perennials & agroforestry. On the side, active as a board member, advisor or freelancer with a variety of organisations that are here to make a difference.



Expansion Strategy

Unleash your organization's growth potential with strategic planning and tailored roadmaps that pave the way for impactful expansion into new markets and sectors.

Hiring for Scale

Build a dynamic and purpose-driven team that aligns with your organization's mission, utilizing our expertise in attracting, selecting, and onboarding top talent to support your scaling efforts.

Organisational Design

Craft an agile and effective operating model that optimizes collaboration, fosters innovation, and aligns your team towards a shared vision, utilizing expertise in designing purpose-driven systems and processes.

Leadership Coaching

Elevate your leadership skills and unleash your full potential as an impact-driven founder/manager through personalized coaching and guidance that nurtures self-awareness, inspires visionary thinking, and enhances your ability to lead with purpose.

Business Development

Propel your organization to new heights through strategic partnerships, innovative revenue streams, and market positioning that drives sustainable growth and amplifies your social and environmental impact.

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